The EnerSolis 10KW 3-Phase is one three-phase unit and transformer less PV inverter. No transformer and lots of power. Use Multi-level topology and combines our many years of experience in developing unit. It operates with two independent MPP trackers that can handle asymmetric solar panels to allow for optimum adjustment and with two parallel MPP trackers that can balance input current. The input voltage window is extremely wide: 350 to 850 V. The peak efficiency is over 98%. Cooling is provided by demand-driven fans that are aimed directly at the temperature-sensitive components.
There are two communication interfaces as RS232 and RS485 interface, which transmit data to the monitor software of PC and via RS232 connection for upgrade firmware of DSP. By the way, you can option USB, TCP/IP or Dry connect card become communication interface.

The new housing makes the units compact and simplifies installation. You can very easy to settings a number of country-specific into the inverters. These are easy to select during on-site installation.





• Three-phase inverter
• 1000V input
• Transformerless
• 98% maximum efficiency
• Protection class IP65
• Dual independent MPP trackers
• Intelligent MPPT Technology
• Anti-islanding Technology
• Compact Size & low weight
• User Friendly LCD Display
• High MTBF Components
• Temperature-dependent fan Cooling
• Integrated DC Switch & AC connectors
• High performance DSP Controller
• RS232 and RS485 communication
• RS232 connection for updates and downloads
• Full-Power Operation with wider MPPT Voltage Range
• De-rating function
• Maximum Output Power Clamping
• Multi-Operation Mode
• Multi-Country Certifications






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