The Ascot International “Telecom power generation package” has been particularly developed for telecommunication, radars, internet centres, TV broadcasting, etc.
 In accordance with the experiences shared with most important telecom operators, Ascot International has developed and manufacturer power solutions with the scope to reduce the CAPEX (capitalization expenses) & OPEX (operation expenses) in a win-win basis.
 The return of the investment for the power supply of the site, is guaranteed within one years operation using Ascot International generating sets designed for telecom.
 Ascot International guarantees 24/24 hours run non stop for 30 days without service.

Telecom Operators do not need Generators but a reliable source of Energy for their telecom site. All the telecommunication systems based on GSM or CDMA networks, provide mobile telephone service to the users that expect to receive an efficient service and continuous signal coverage; they are very sensitive and ready to change or disqualify the service operator in case of the service if not within their expectation, for this reason the operator needs professional and reliable equipment.

The quality of YOUR network depends on the quality of YOUR energy.
Most of the telecom stations are located in remote areas and supplied by the generating sets but NOT all the generating sets are designed to work in continuous duty 24/24 hours/ 7 days because they are not designed for that scope.

The ASCOT solution.
Ascot International has studied and designed customized solutions for single site configuration that is the only way to optimize CAPEX and OPEX. We provide full consultancy and on site design for your reliable and continuous Energy.







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