Sectors – Sectors

In the earlier age when most of the products where not available in the market, the scope of the manufacturing companies was to satisfy the basic needs of the clients and the production was to concentrate on standard and generic products. That happens even today and there are companies that concentrate their action to produce products as standard possible and in big quantities to satisfy the mass need of general purposes requirements.

From competitive analysis reports of Power Generation sectors, it appears that leading companies operate at the total level and usually have an established distribution network that operates in all market segments and the degrees of competition is generally intense in standard products. The leading companies in the market have generally a significant impact in the market for standard products and poor impact in special & customized solutions for particular customers because they focuse in large production and do not have the space for customer solutions. Despite that, ASCOT’s activities has been to concentrate in the Niche market and to develop projects for specific sectors to satisfy all that Clients that were unhappy for the standard solution. Today Ascot is a specific presence in each sector with proper know how in: Telecommunication, Oil & Gas, Industry, Transportation, Hospital, Power Station, Civil Application and in many others for which is required a specific know how.