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ASCOT is an Italian company operating internationally in the Power Energy Sector and mainly focalised on the production of DIESEL GENERATING SETS & POWER PLANT designed in accordance with Customer specifications and various climatic conditions. The company was established in 1973 and since then it has expanded its presence in over 48 countries throughout Europe, Africa, Middle and Far East. A program of continuous expansion in new territories is implemented in our organization and managed by the Marketing dept.


Over the years Ascot International has developed a worldwide leadership on special products/projects built in different sectors; wide range of Diesel Generating sets and Power Plant, today supplies energy to a lot of utilities spread out around the world. Like a concert of music, in Ascot we are proud to feel and to hear music of the Ascot generators that in a continuous run basis supply energy to the world and to be sure that each one is served locally by one of our music masters. Ascot is present in over 50 countries throughout Europe, Africa, Middle and Far East.



Technologies and Know-How

All ASCOT products are designed by a Team of in house highly skilled engineers with vast experience in continuously developing new projects; that makes it easy for us to design and manufacturer Special Products in accordance with the Customer’s needs with cost/effective solutions. Our Know-how and advanced technologies, based on years of experience, is made available to you by means of our “Team of Experts’’ to design your own idea or project.

Main Products

– Diesel Generating sets ranging from 10 to 1000 kVA;
– Low & medium voltage Generating sets ranging form 500 to 1500 kVA
– Independent fixed or mobile Power Modules ranging from 1 to 3 MVA
– Modular Diesel Power Plant up to 30 MVA
– Customized power equipment built in on Customer design.

Why Ascot International?

We offer an “All in One” approach: production, delivery, on-the-spot testing and non-stop accurate after-sale assistance.
We are a flexible, skilful company, always ready to adapt to market changes. We, 
guarantee the right price for your solution.