Control rooms – Visualisation
Holistic solutions from one source.
From consultation to overall planning, completely supplied control rooms and highly specialized workstations you can count on our long experience.
Control room planning
Ergonomics, lighting, acoustics, material and color scheme, climate system, etc…
We leave nothing to chance!
Control room equipment
Model-protected designer desks, individual control room desks, functional furniture.
Rear projection
In this area we cooperate with the leading companies in the B2B area with regard to professional rear projection and holistic visualization solutions.
Mosaic Technology
The proven system in modular concept with the advantages of permanent static information of the overall system and individual equipment possibility with command and signal devices. Exact manufacture and high reproducibility through CAD/CAM manufacture. Variable design forms from small signal panels to multiple concave visualization walls.
Color Tec
An innovative development of the EAZ team for the economical visualization of processes, signs, information…