• Modular design, easy to extend
• Up to 51st harmonic
• Up to 12 harmonic orders selective individually
• Close/Open Loop Control
• Programmable power factor correction
• Full-time DSP Control system
• Easy selection
• Shunt connection, easy for maintenance
• Flexible Up-grading/Redundancy
• Parallel operated in different capacity
• User-friendly control panel


Modular and easy to extend
Enersine ESD34 is designed in standard 19″ rack mounting and wall mounting configuration.
Enersine ESD34 is composed of one Control Module plus several Power Modules.

Close/Open Loop Control
The CT is allowed to install at source or load side for measure the harmonic current from the load. When CT install at source side, the close loop control method is used for best accuracy of harmonic current compensation.

Power Factor Correction
Enersine ESD34 not only compensate harmonic current but also the reactive power. Enersine ESD34 is able to correct for either a leading or lagging power factor.

Flexible up-grading/redundancy
In the event if the real value of the ILh is higher than the estimated one, or the ILh increase due to additional loads being added, there is no overload risk on the existing Enersine ESD34 which have been selected. Enersine ESD34 has current limit capability up to its full rating, thus it will not shut down or malfunction but will continue to operate in full compensating mode. Additional Enersine ESD34 can be added in parallel on site later to meet the increment of the ILh vaue.
The maximum parallel operation configuration is 8 control modules and different capacity can be operated in parallel.

User-Friendly control panel
Enersine ESD34 is equipped with a user friendly control panel. It is simple to turn the unit on or off and features buzzer silence and system status.
The optional graphic LCD panel with special blue back light offers access to all parameters, waveforms, & spectrum for management of both Enersine ESD34 and system power quality.

Communication Capability
Enersine ESD34 provides 2 communication slots for install below communication cards.
● Standard RS232/USB Card
● Optional RS422/RS485 Card
● Optional Ethernet Card

Optional Monitoring Software
Enersine ESD34 provides optional monitoring software ESD-Link34 for remote monitor and control. ESD-Link34 has below functions:
● Real Time Monitoring
● Download the Parameter, Waveform, Spectrum and Event logs.
● Recorder for the Parameter
● Dry Contact programming
● Monitor up to 255 Units.







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