Ascot Modular Power Plants have been designed to meet market demands of fast installation and execution of works. Proposed in Mobile and Fixed modules due to their characteristics are suitable for all kind of applications.

Mobile Modules from 1 to 2 MW
Based on complete and independent power modules between 1 and 2 MW and installed in a 40 foot standard container, manufactured by Ascot for the specific application, they can be easily transported completely assembled and ready to start to the job site without any specific transport limitation. The modules can be connected to form power plants from 2 to 80 MW and higher. Easily installed in the job site, they can be working in synchronized configuration between the modules or with the grid.
The Plug & Play package includes also the fuel storage tank and automatic refilling system, Oil system, medium voltage control panel, connection cables, black start generator and on request also the civil and engineering works.

Get D 1500
power module

1500 kva generating

GE 1850 KVA for Data Center






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