A Wide range of Specific Tailor Made products are Designed, Manufacturer and Installed for different Sectors in different parts of the world. What is important to realize, approaching Ascot Products, is that each solution, even if it looks similar to others is different in details and particulars that make substantial differences between a standard product and an ASCOT one.

We use to say that the Quality of Ascot products is measured by the quality of the cheapest components and it is just this element that makes the difference between a well designed product and a standard one. “Which would be the value of a Rolls Royce car if the manufacturer was to save in the material of the starting key which would break at the first start?” the value of the Roll Royce would be the value of the starting KEY!
We in Ascot approach the problem in the same way and for that we care for the details that are essential when operating in Specific SECTOR for Specific Clients.

Our range of Products from 10 to 1.500 KVA is divided in to classes: Small, Medium and Large, while a Specific Class is designed for MODULAR POWER PLANT to cover installation up to 30 MVA with flexible modules of 1-2 and 3 MVA.