• True Harmonics Solution
• Active Harmonics Compensation
• Improve Power Quality
• Easy Selection
• Minimum Heat-Loss during Operation
• Instantaneous Dynamic Response
• Flexible Up-Grading/Redundancy
• Various Capacity Ranges 25A to 1200A



The Enersine series, a true harmonic solution, is a solid-state power converter that brings about the advantages of harmonic currents elimination, reactive power factor compensation, and virtual damping resistance to improve power quality. The Enersine series behaves like a harmonic current generator to measure the harmonics generated from the non-linear loads and cancel these harmonics with a newly generated, opposite shifted harmonics current of the same amplitude.
Minimum Heat-loss During Operation Design produces insertion losses of less than 3% and at full compensation, offering significant cost saving in energy. For example, the maximum heat-losses of the Enersine 100A/380Vac is less than 2Kw.

Active Harmonic Compensation Design may generate an opposite phase shifted harmonic current of the same amplitude as the harmonics from UPS, DC Power Systems/Chargers, Frequency Converters, AC/DC Variable Speed Drivers, Fluorescent Lamps, Welding Machines, Computer and Peripherals.

Instantaneous Dynamic Response is derived from IGBT PWM converter switching at 20KHz high Frequency using advanced control techniques.

Superior Current-limit capability will continue to operate in full compensating mode without shutdown or malfunction in the event of additional loads being added. No overload risk on the existing Enersine series will occur.

Unique Patent-owned Parallel Function enables the Enersine series to be added in parallel on site later to meet satisfactory of increasing demand.

User-friendly Control Panel enables to simply turn on/off the unit and feature buzzer silence and System status from 4 LEDs including Power On, Filtering, Full Correcting & Error.

Optional Graphic LCD Panel with special black back-light offers access to all parameters, waveforms & spectrums for management of both Enersine and system power quality. The graphic LCD display And control panel gives easy access for load, source & Enersine.

Voltage-free Contacts signals may provide easy monitoring of general alarm, power on and filtering.

Optional Monitoring and Signaling may be provided through advanced comprehensive communications interfaces, such as RS232/RS485 serial port and Ethernet Network RJ45.

Various Capacity Ranging from 25A to 200A may increase the maximum capacity up to 1200A by using parallel technology.







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